IMEX Istanbul 2021: Exhibition of the Future

IMEX Istanbul brings together the world’s cutting-edge technologies at the Istanbul Expo Center, on March 4th to 7th 2021. IMEX Istanbul, where the innovative spirit of IMEX and the dynamic spirit of Istanbul will come together, will be the universal meeting point of technology between continents.

IMEX Istanbul brings together investors and creators of today’s most important technological products and all business, academy and R&D professionals who follow the latest innovations. Exhibiting today’s advanced technologies and new developments that are expected to be indispensable for our lives, IMEX Istanbul, will be the largest domestic organization undertakes the international hosting of the sector in our country.

Since the main issues of IMEX Istanbul are consisted from the rapidly emerging titles of today’s world technology, each content will be addressed thoroughly.

Within the framework of IMEX Istanbul titles, it will be the first domestic exhibition where new technologies will be exhibited under one roof extensively and as a whole.

During IMEX Istanbul, where the products we use as a part of our daily lives and the applications that we use with these products will be exhibited and mentioned together, the products, solutions and applications, which we do not use in our daily lives yet but will be a part of our lives in the near future, will be introduced as well.

IMEX Istanbul is a very important event as being the center of today’s technology and key to the future, expecting to hold the participants who are operating in the field of Mobile Systems and Applications, New Applications, Consumer Electronics and also others below:

  • All distributor and manufacturing companies,
  • All dealers and implementing companies,
  • All investors and entrepreneurs looking for new investment,
  • All start-ups and new entrepreneurs and designers,
  • All technicities, R&D centers,
  • All companies operating in the field of new technologies,
  • And all new entrepreneurs and investors who want to be in this industry,

IMEX Istanbul holding the specialties as follows:

  • Increasing opportunities of communications and cooperation’s in the sector and improving the existing relations which will be ensured by bringing the sector representatives on the same page, who are unaware of each other, by virtue of being set on different points, even though in fact they are in the same sector.
  • Being the area, where existing systems, solutions and developments in the applications, will be displayed.
  • Being the place where products, systems and solutions, which are newly developed or in the process of developing, and expected to be settled in our lives more in the future, will be presented for the first time.
  • In addition to seeing the current situation of the industry in a single area, users will also be able to see and understand the future, as well as foreseeing what may occur in the future.
  • Ensuring that the major companies and the small firms in the sector are meeting at one point and establishing the potential solution partnerships as a result of these meeting.
  • Bringing together the major investors and start-ups. The participating major investors will be able to host the visiting start-ups as well as the new ideas at their stands, while the participating start-ups and the new entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to exhibit their ideas with the major investors.

We would like to invite you to join us in order to benefit from the relationships and cooperation’s, which will be created, by the means of this exciting event that will be held for the first time in our country.