Horizon 2020 Call – Dectection devices

Scope:The purchase and maintenance of devices for inspecting containers, trucks, railway carriages and vehicles at the Union’s external borders and within the Union (“Detection tools“). This equipment shall contribute to the strengthening of the beneficiaries’ operational and technical capacity to detect smuggled and counterfeited goods, in particular cigarettes or tobacco, imported into the Union with the intention or effect to evade VAT, customs duties and/or excise taxes.

Specific actions include:

  1. The purchase of mobile and fixed (x-rays) scanners as well as the costs related to their installation and maintenance (costs not covered by a warrant). This equipment shall be used to check containers, trucks and vehicles crossing the external borders of the European Union or those in transit over the territory of a Member State. The checks shall be carried out in order to detect illicit or smuggled goods, in particular smuggled or counterfeited cigarettes and tobacco;
  2. Training for the beneficiaries’ staff members to operate the scanner(s) as well as training for the correct interpretation of images generated by the scanners;
  3. Software and hardware to enable the exchange of images, generated by different types of scanners, within and between the beneficiaries;
  4. The purchase, transport, training, lodging (support for the demolition of existing housing facilities or the construction of new housing facilities for sniffer dogs is excluded from this call). and feeding of animals used to detect smuggled and illicit goods on the basis of the goods’ scent characteristics. These animals are likely to be sniffer dogs, but could also be rats, pigs or bees. For the latter three, the applicant shall demonstrate that the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of these animals for this purpose has been proven on the basis of evidence based research.
Opening date:
13 June 2017
Deadline: 09 August 2017

Source: Horizon 2020 – The European Commission