HoloLens team brings Holoportation to reality and is looking to hire more researchers

Interactive 3D technologies (I3D) part of Microsoft Research and contributed to the HoloLens project makes one step forward to the promising future bringing holoportation to reality.

Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed and transmitted anywhere in the world in real time. When combined with mixed reality displays such as HoloLens, this technology allows users to see, hear, and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are actually present in the same physical space. Communicating and interacting with remote users becomes as natural as face-to-face communication.

About Interactive 3D technologies (I3D)

Interactive 3D technologies (I3D) combines research on 3D graphics, computer vision, machine learning, novel hardware, augmented reality and NUI. Our remit is to demonstrate radically new user experiences built using state-of-the-art vision and graphics algorithms, and novel sensing or display hardware. For more info, visit http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/groups/i3d/.

Source: Research Microsoft