Highly Portable Satellite Tracking Imaging Ground Station

Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) announced the GATR TRAC®, the industry’s most portable 2.4-meter satellite tracking imaging ground station, from its subsidiary GATR Technologies (GATR), which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division. The GATR TRAC terminal provides more than 90 percent reduction in logistical size and weight without sacrificing performance, compared to rigid tracking antennas of similar aperture. This capability provides tremendous operational and transportability advantages for both government and commercial customers.

GATR TRAC, a lightweight deployable imaging ground station, is a cost-effective method for downloading real-time satellite imagery in forward deployed situations. GATR TRAC’s ultra-portability makes it ideal for on-demand and on-site satellite imagery applications, such as tactical Department of Defense applications. GATR TRAC has successfully downloaded imagery from low-earth orbit satellites including: Spot 6 & 7; Pleiades 1A & 1B; Eros A & B; TerraSAR-X; TanDEM-X; RADARSAT 2; and WORLDVIEW 1 & 2. The mobile-direct receiving station allows for direct downlink from anywhere the antenna can be setup – giving faster access to satellite imagery and data for mission critical applications.

“The GATR TRAC is a game-changer in the satellite communications industry,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions. “GATR TRAC’s technology will allow both government and commercial customers to cost-effectively retrieve near real-time satellite imagery practically anywhere in the world.”

In the current satellite communications industry, satellite imagery can take between 12 hours to several days to receive telemetry information in-hand. With GATR TRAC, it is possible to schedule a same-day satellite downlink and process data within 30 minutes after the satellite passes the GATR TRAC terminal. In addition, transporting of the GATR TRAC antenna is a fraction of the cost of existing trailer-based antenna systems, which can result in savings of more than US $250,000 per deployment.

The GATR TRAC mobile antenna can be setup in less than 45 minutes, and transported in four cases, each under 100 lbs. (45 kg). This quick setup enables rapid response to emerging threats anywhere in the world.

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Source: Cubic Corporation