Healthcare IT & Analytics Summit 2019

This event will provide a holistic view into the challenges and issues that IT & Analytics executives within the healthcare industry are facing today in an interactive and discussion based setting so that everyone can share best practices/lessons learned; what’s working and what’s not.

The Healthcare IT & Analytics Summit is a gathering for C-Suite & Industry Thought Leaders to discuss IT, Data & Analytics, and cybersecurity challenges currently facing the healthcare industry. We will examine such issues as patient care, controlling costs, improving reimbursements, securing patient and data privacy, and transforming data into actionable information to make smarter business and clinical decisions.

With so many technological advancements, analytical tools and models, and an ever-increasing need to thwart cyber threats, how do you truly cultivate a winning strategy that will not only maximize your data’s value but also make a real impact on healthcare and costs.

The Healthcare IT & Analytics Summit is more than a typical technology conference; it is an engaging and interactive event designed to share stories, best practices and lessons learned in a productive and innovative environment.

Technology is an ever-evolving space and healthcare is an industry that constantly needs to stay on-top of technological advancements. And now, more than ever, as patients take more control over their health decisions, healthcare providers and payers have to be cutting-edge when it comes to their technology usage. Bringing together Analytics, cyber security and overall Health IT into one umbrella will allow IT and Analytics Executives within healthcare the opportunity to be in-sync with one another and provide the ability to lead the “charge” technically speaking.

Topics will include

  • What Role does Health IT Play in the Move for Value-Based Care
  • IoT / AI & Virtual Reality — What is the Future in Healthcare Technology
  • Making Clinical Decisions through Advanced Analytics
  • Ensuring your Data is Safe – Cybersecurity Measures for Today’s Healthcare Industry
  • Modernizing Communications to Improve Patient Care
  • How Today’s Technology is Shaping Healthcare’s Future
  • Preventing Data Chaos in a World of Self-Service Analytics
  • The Future of Cyber AI: Examining IoT Vulnerabilities, Machine-Based Attacks and Ransomware
  • And More!

Why Attend

  • Hear from industry peers and thought leaders about the latest innovations and tools
  • Sessions led by healthcare IT/Analytics Executives for healthcare IT/Analytics Executives
  • Learn what’s working and not working through case studies and personal stories
  • Develop actionable strategies stemmed from real-life experiences
  • Reduce costs and garner new business by leveraging strengths and resources
  • Ask questions and find solutions focused on healthcare’s unique technology & analytics challenges
  • Collaborate with IT & Analytics Executives from healthcare providers and payers for innovative ideas & strategic partnering
  • Examine the role technology and data analytics plays for the healthcare organization of the future
  • Realize the power of healthcare consumerism
  • Leverage value-based care and opportunities to engage and keep patients healthy
  • Participate in interactive and engaging sessions sharing best practices, lessons learned and perspectives from health payers, hospitals and healthcare systems of all sizes and types
    • Network with peers, thought leaders and industry leaders to collaborate and drive success for your organization
    • Participate in interactive roundtable discussions and engaging case studies

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