Haptic R&D Consulting Explores Strategic Alliances at Paris Air Show Innovations Matchmaking 2023

Haptic R&D Consulting is happy to announce its participation in the prestigious Paris Air Show Innovations Matchmaking 2023, organized by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Sector Group Aeronautics, Space, and Defence. This international company mission is set to take place during the Paris Air Show, and it serves as a key platform for innovative companies and research institutions to connect with potential partners for research, technology, and business collaborations.

The Paris Air Show Innovations Matchmaking event is designed to facilitate face-to-face meetings, allowing participants to explore international opportunities and find their ideal partners for future projects. With a focus on pre-organised onsite one-to-one meetings, the event offers a unique platform for fostering collaborations in the aerospace industry.

Haptic R&D Consulting, a leading business and technology consultancy firm, is excited to be part of this esteemed event. With expertise in research and development, advanced technologies, and innovative strategies, Haptic R&D Consulting is well-positioned to contribute to the matchmaking discussions and explore potential partnerships with industry leaders and research institutions.

“At Haptic R&D Consulting, we are committed to driving innovation and creating opportunities for collaboration in the aerospace sector,” said Daniel CHIRTES, CEO at Haptic R&D Consulting. “Participating in the Paris Air Show Innovations Matchmaking 2023 allows us to connect with like-minded organizations and explore mutually beneficial partnerships that can drive advancements in the industry.”

The event will serve as a platform for Haptic R&D Consulting to showcase its extensive knowledge, experience, and innovative solutions in areas such as aerospace technology, sustainable aviation, digital transformation, and more. By engaging in face-to-face meetings, Haptic R&D Consulting aims to forge strategic alliances, share expertise, and contribute to the growth and development of the aerospace industry.

To learn more about Haptic R&D Consulting’s participation in the Paris Air Show Innovations Matchmaking 2023, please visit https://paris-air-show-innovations-2023.b2match.io/.

About Haptic R&D Consulting

Haptic R&D Consulting is a leading business and technology consultancy firm specializing in research and development, innovation strategies, and advanced technology solutions. With a focus on sustainability and a holistic approach to business, Haptic R&D Consulting empowers organizations to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. By leveraging emerging technologies and industry expertise, the company delivers tailored strategies and actionable insights that drive growth and success.

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