Gravity Sketch Launches First Cross Platform Mixed Reality 3D Modeling Software

Gravity Sketch announced today their Gravity Sketch desktop and virtual reality (VR) software for everyone from modern industrial designers to 3D modeling and computer aided design (CAD) novices. Gravity Sketch is the first product that aims to revolutionize digital 3D creation and design by providing an immersive virtual reality experience that utilizes a powerful yet intuitive touch and gesture driven interface. The desktop and VR software join the company’s iOS application, released in the spring of 2016.

Using core geometric algorithms, Gravity Sketch allows for real time creation and manipulation of complex 3D shapes with little experience to no CAD training or onboarding. All strokes in Gravity Sketch have integrated 3D volume for easy port to other software suites or directly to a 3D printer or 3D printing service. A simple, icon-based user interface ensures an intuitive interaction layer between creator and design. Gravity Sketch also allows for co-creation among multiple users. Multi-platform capability provides a seamless experience between mobile iOS devices and tablets, Windows and Mac environments and VR using Oculus or Vive. Gravity Sketch was developed through years of research into spatial cognition and the creative process.

Gravity Sketch is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter, where backers can pre-order a software license for only £25 GBP or $32.00 USD. Gravity Sketch VR is expected to ship in December of 2016 for £45 GBP or $60.00 USD. Gravity Sketch for Mac is expected in January 2017.

“As we move towards native 3D design environments, 3D literacy will be incredibly important,” said Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Gravity Sketch CEO. “With Gravity Sketch for desktop and VR, we will have limitless potential to make digital 3D design more intuitive and accessible for everyone.”

Gravity Sketch features:

  • 3D strokes and shapes Proprietary geometric algorithms allow real time 3D strokes and shape creation, which can be manipulated, copied, transferred or 3D printed with ease.
  • Simple Symmetry Gravity Sketch makes symmetric design simple to draw and scale.
  • Cross Platform Support for desktop, tablet, mobile and VR.
  • CoCreation Multiple users across multiple platforms and devices can work in tandem.
  • Responsive 3D Gravity Sketch for VR allows for room scale interaction.

Gravity Sketch received an initial grant from InnovationRCA with additional support from The James Dyson Foundation and UnLtd. Gravity Sketch mentors include Durrell Bishop and Scott Cohen.

About Gravity Sketch

Founded in 2014 by a team of graduates of the prestigious Innovation Design Engineering course at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, CEO Daniela Paredes Fuentes, co-founder Oluwaseyi Sosanya and lead developer Daniel Thomas are leading the way in democratizing digital 3D modeling and creation for creators of all ages and capabilities. Their 3D modeling platform, Gravity Sketch, is available on iOS, Mac, Windows and Steam for Oculus and Vive.