Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture

Born with the belief that continuous innovation in agriculture is the only way to sustainably feed nine billion people by 2050, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has emerged as a global authority on sustainable food production, driving innovation through exhibitions and conferences across the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Since 2014, GFIA events have welcomed over 20,000 visitors and worked with over 50 globally significant partners committed to using the Forum as a catalyst for change. GFIA is a place for governments, NGOs, researchers, and food producers to showcase agricultural innovations in productive and sustainable farming.

GFIA is not only a forum for discussion, but a marketplace for suppliers and cooperatives. Over 200 exhibiters will be at the event Showcasing the latest game-changing innovations and technology, with the aim of fostering meaningful dialogue, collaboration, recognition and year-round action between regional food producers, buyers, innovators, policy makers and investors.

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