Future Drainage and Stormwater Networks Abu Dhabi

The 5th Annual Future Drainage and Stormwater Networks Abu Dhabi, is taking place under the patronage of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality, on 29 – 30 September 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and will bring together key stakeholders to discuss the region’s strategic plans and shape its future.

Attend the event to:

  • Learn how to integrate the latest technologies, including Big Data Analytics and IoT on infrastructure
  • Discover how to reduce flooding risk through stormwater management and urban drainage strategies
  • Understand how to maintain and upgrade existing drain networks on Abu Dhabi island and suburbs
  • Find out non-traditional methods of draining stormwater, especially in remote areas
  • Develop sustainable infrastructure that can make use of the ponds created by the collection of excess water

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING company is a Media Partner and to know more, download the agenda here http://bit.ly/2J0EPu9