Fueling Progress: Promoting Sustainable, Secure, and Competitive Energy Supply

In an effort to accelerate the energy transition and empower consumers, the European Union (EU) has launched a groundbreaking grant call focused on creating a sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply. The grant aims to harness the potential of digitalization and data-driven technologies to revolutionize the energy sector and enhance consumers’ role in shaping the future.

Under this grant call, projects will be expected to achieve several key outcomes. First and foremost, the development and adoption of innovative cross-sector integrated services, solutions, and products will empower consumers and facilitate their investments in the energy transition. By leveraging data from sectors beyond energy, such as the data economy, health, finance, and security, these projects will enable consumers to embrace renewable energy, energy efficiency, renovation, demand response, and storage.

One of the pivotal aspects of this grant call is the creation and widespread adoption of digital twin models for household energy consumers. These models will help optimize data-driven energy services and enhance digital energy literacy for consumers, energy suppliers, aggregators, and energy communities. By visualizing and accessing energy-related data, consumers will have greater control over their energy usage and be able to make informed decisions.

Moreover, the grant call emphasizes the importance of providing consumers with increased access to emerging services and applications resulting from data sharing and improved interoperability. This will simplify the management and improve the quality of energy services, digital platforms, smart meters, and tools, ensuring seamless experiences for consumers across various channels.

The implications of wide-scale digitalization on market design, particularly energy and flexibility markets, will also be assessed. The grant call encourages proposals that explore the modifications needed to incorporate digital tools and flexibility services effectively, including contracting, activation, measurement, and settlement processes.

A central objective of this grant call is to create value for consumers and enhance their digital empowerment and energy literacy. By developing tools for engagement, literacy, and innovative approaches, citizens will be educated, motivated, and empowered to actively participate in the just energy transition.

To achieve these goals, proposed activities must leverage real-time data from sectors such as the data economy, health, finance, and security to generate new businesses and integrated cross-sector services. They must also focus on helping consumers navigate the complex landscape of digital technologies, incorporating AI-based assistant tools and fostering a comprehensive understanding of digital energy services.

Projects selected under this grant call will conduct tests and pilots in at least three countries, ensuring a diverse representation of gender, demographics, geography, and socio-economic aspects. Furthermore, they will develop and provide digital twin solutions as open-source software, ensuring transparency, security, and fair recognition for contributors.

To ensure collaboration and synergy, the grant call encourages projects to align with existing initiatives, such as Living Labs, relevant Blueprint projects, and partnerships under Horizon Europe. Cooperation with the Green Powered Future Mission and contributions to the BRIDGE initiative and the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) will also be considered.

It is worth noting that this grant call emphasizes the significance of social sciences and humanities (SSH) disciplines, requiring the involvement of SSH experts and institutions. By integrating SSH expertise, the research activities will have a profound societal impact, enhancing the effectiveness and relevance of the projects.

Applicants are advised that legal entities established in China are ineligible to participate in innovation actions under this grant call. Detailed information can be found in the Annex B of the General Annexes of the Work Programme.

With the launch of this grant call, the EU reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable energy future, driven by digital innovation and consumer empowerment. By leveraging the power of data-driven technologies, the EU aims to build a resilient, secure, and competitive energy supply while placing consumers at the forefront of the energy transition.

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