The First Interactive and Social Media Integrated Hologram System

VNTANA, the augmented reality company that builds the only interactive and scalable hologram systems, launched the HOLLAGRAM today, the first interactive hologram system with social media integration and data collection capabilities. The HOLLAGRAM combines Microsoft technology with VNTANA’s hardware and software platform, introducing an advanced social augmented reality experience without wearables.

The HOLLAGRAM creates a realistic holographic experience that places the digital in the real world. Consumers stand in front of VNTANA’s HOLLAGRAM and immediately see their own hologram LIVE on the display. Using gesture control, they can interact directly with holographic objects, such as a celebrity, product or any other object rendered in the digital space simply by moving their hands in front of the display. Immediately after the experience, users receive a branded email with a GIF, video or photo of the experience that they can share on social media.


The new scalable systems range in size from 32 inches up to 15 feet, and use standalone hardware so everyone can see it. The HOLLAGRAM provides a group experience that can be shared and installed in venues ranging from sport stadiums to conferences to classrooms. Core features include:

  • Interactive Software: Real-time holographic video capture with interactive gesture control
  • Social Media Integration: System captures a picture, video or GIF of the user that can be immediately shared on all major social media platforms
  • Data Collection: Collects voluntary and passive data from user (captures email contacts, number of impressions, etc.)

“We built the HOLLAGRAM in response to consumers’ proven social behavior and expectations. User-generated content has become so powerful. It is more likely to be reposted, shared and people trust it more,” said Ashley Crowder, Co-Founder and CEO of VNTANA. “Technology is moving towards extreme personalization that will help consumers and brands improve future experiences.”

VNTANA was founded in 2012 with the goal of allowing people to be in multiple places at the same time. Microsoft’s strong entrepreneurial ecosystem played an essential role in the development of the HOLLAGRAM. In 2013, after hacking on the Microsoft Kinect, VNTANA became a part of the Microsoft Early Developer and Microsoft BizSpark programs and gained access to Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, and Visual Studio developer tools. These provided core capabilities for the HOLLAGRAM’s data collection needs and social media integration. “Microsoft has been a huge part of our success, both as a partner and now as a client,” added Crowder. “Their technology provided us the tools to build the next generation of our products.”

Empowering startups like VNTANA is a main driver for Microsoft. “We are always looking for startups and entrepreneurs whose vision is built around innovation of our technology,” said Larry Orecklin, Vice President, Developer Experience and Chief Evangelist of Microsoft. “VNTANA is a story of a startup that had the vision, the innovation, the passion, and we are thrilled to have partnered with them and excited to see what the future looks like for holograms.”

VNTANA’s interactive hologram technologies are applicable globally and across multiple industries including advertising, retail, business communications, sports, automotive, education, healthcare and entertainment. VNTANA has been used by many Fortune 500 brands including Pepsi, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, NBC, Virgin, DJI and others.


VNTANA is the leader in social augmented reality; creating sharable experiences through its interactive hologram technology. From holographic photo opportunities with your favorite celebrity to gesture controlled drone piloting, VNTANA has built the first and only interactive hologram system with social media integration and data collection capabilities that provide measurable return on investment. VNTANA’s technology is at the cutting-edge of Social Augmented Reality. Its core product, HOLLAGRAM, combines real-time holographic video capture with interactive gesture control, allowing consumers to experience augmented reality in groups and without wearables. VNTANA is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit,

Source: VNTANA