Exploration of data in virtual reality

Data exploration has reached a new level. Looker LookVR, a new app allowing the exploration of data in virtual reality, pushing the bounds of how businesses interact with their data. With LookVR, users can virtually walk around their data and explore it like never before.

“We initially built LookVR as a fun experiment to demonstrate the boundless capabilities of Looker’s platform,” said Wil Gieseler, Product Experience Engineer at Looker and creator of LookVR. “But the more we used it, the more we realized that LookVR offers brand new opportunities that other types of data exploration don’t. That’s why we’re releasing LookVR today, to allow anyone to walk through their data in virtual reality and explore it in a whole new way. We don’t know if this foretells the future of data visualization or not, but it’s certainly pretty cool.”

“LookVR is a fascinating and fun experience with some very compelling use cases that allowed you to see, interact with, and interpret data in a completely new way,” said Carl Anderson, Head of Data and Analytics at WeWork. “This tool also goes to show the power and flexibility of the Looker API.”

Looker: For Today’s Technologies and Tomorrow’s Imagination Looker is built to adapt to changing needs and evolving technologies. Data no longer is confined to a dashboard. Looker’s flexible architecture and robust API delivers a platform that is only limited by imagination. This made building LookVR quick and easy, and validates the myriad of possibilities for exploring and sharing data.

About Looker

Looker is a complete data platform that offers data analytics, exploration and insights to every function of a business and easily integrates into every departmental application to get data directly into the decision-making process. The company is powering data-driven cultures at more than 800 industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, The Economist, Spotify, Sears, Kohler, Etsy, Lyft, Red Bull and Kickstarter. The company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California, with offices in San Francisco, New York, London and Dublin, Ireland. Investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meritech Capital Partners, Redpoint Ventures, First Round Capital, Sapphire Ventures, and PivotNorth. For more information, visit LookVR

Source: Looker