Haptic Exoskeleton

The X-Arm-2 Exoskeleton master device is an ergonomic, fully-actuated haptic master device for force reflection to the right arm of its operators. The haptic exoskeleton features 14 joints that are equipped with joint position sensors. Out of the 14 joints, 8 are additionally equipped with custom built high resolution torque sensors, motor-gear units and input-/output position sensors.


The actuators feature innovative combinations of brushed DC motors with planetary gears and capstan reducers and for some joints inlcude Bowden Cable systems. All actuator drive-trains, including those with Bowden Cables have been designed and customized for allowing highly transparent force-reflection. All joints of the exoskeleton feature a high dynamic range and allow for crisp force feedback through a 5 kHz joint-torque control rate and low sensor noise.

The X-Arm-2 is used for research on under-actuated haptic devices and is part of a bilateral control work cell consisting of the exoskeleton, it’s controller and a 7 degrees of freedom KUKA lightweight manipulator (LWR).

Source: ESA TRH Laboratory