EPU (Emotion Processing Unit) – the industry’s first emotion synthesis engine

Emoshape today initiates a giant leap forward for Artificial Intelligence with the introduction of EPU (Emotion Processing Unit), the industry’s first emotion synthesis engine. This patent pending technology empowers machines with emotion synthesis to process and synthesize emotions to interact more effectively with humans.

Sentient robotics now becomes a reality. Emoshape, an organization engaged in delivering technology that teaches intelligent machines to interact with humans. Emoshape’s Emotion Processing Unit (EPU), utilizes an MCU microchip design to enable a true emotional response in AI, robots and consumer electronic devices as a result of a virtually unlimited cognitive process, as compared to the current alternatives that use coded responses and limited alternatives.

With the introduction of EPU, AI will now be able to respond to the question about how it feels or thinks about an idea or concept, without any pre-scripted reply. Emoshape has demonstrated this recently via a video involving the characters Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama.

EPU is an extension of the Ekman’s theory that utilizes twelve primary emotions identified in the psycho-evolutionary theory. Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, the founder of Emoshape and the inventor of the EPU, foresees a significant commercial application for EPUs in the near future in combination with Natural Language Generation (NLG) and WaveNet, a deep generative model of raw audio waveforms.

“WaveNet allows machines to express emotions in their voice. Whereas, EPU makes a machine capable of understanding what they read or see emotionally. Functioning together, they help us imagine a Kindle that can read aloud and make us feel that the Kindle understands what it reads aloud, as the voice will be full of different emotional states,” said Levy-Rosenthal.

About Emotion Synthesis

The advent of EPU will also allow robots to watch a movie and experience all human-like feelings and emotions. Emoshape will make it possible for AI and robots to laugh or cry without the help of a scripted program designed to display certain emotions, but by allowing them to feel the emotions through EPU.

More about EPU and its applications can be found at http://emoshape.com/

Some of the key functional aspects of EPU include

  • Delivers high-performance machine emotion awareness
  • Creates emotional states and synthetic emotion in intelligent machines.
  • Allows the AI or robot to experience 64 trillion distinct emotional states
  • Communicates data to other AI technologies to achieve a realistic range of expressions and interactions with complete understanding of language and appraisal.
  • Up to 98 percent accuracy on conversation

About Emoshape

Emoshape Inc. is dedicated to providing a technology that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans to yield a favorable result. Emoshape emotion synthesis microchip (EPU) technology represents a massive leap forward for Artificial Intelligence.

Source: Emoshape