€nergIT 2020 – B2B MATCH MEETING

€nergIT 2020 a brokerage event targeted at all stakeholders interested in the Energy and Information Technology to create new business opportunities and/or consortium to apply for European funding calls.


The European calls encourage SME’s companies to create a synergy business through new R&D projects where at least 3 SME’s companies from 3 different countries to submit their project in consortium to receive funding.

Participants at €nergIT 2020 are invited to join the bilateral pre-arranged meetings and present their interests in certain topics, their expertise on specific matters and/or their project ideas to possible research partners. The brokerage event will be 1 day meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

Who can participate

Universities research laboratories, innovative companies, research centres, researchers and public bodies interested in doing business or to apply for Horizon 2020 calls in energy and information technology field.

B2B Goals

  • Business cooperation between interested parties.
  • International Cooperation to create consortium for new projects to be submited for EU funding.

Energy and IT Call Proposals

  • Geological Storage Pilots  – The objective is to carry out the identification and geological characterisation of new prospective storage sites for CO2 (including the 3D architecture of the storage complex) in promising regions of future demonstration and deployment (onshore or offshore) through the implementation of new CO2 storage pilots. 
    • Planned opening date:   05 May 2020 Deadline:   01 September 2020;
    • EU grant between 7 to 10 million;
  • Intelligent security and privacy management – Proposals are invited to address one of the sub-topics below. In addition, it would be an asset for proposals to include solutions for hands-on and state-of-the-art training, such as cybersecurity exercises.
    • Planned opening date:   12 March 2020 Deadline:   27 August 2020;
    • EU grant between EUR 2 and 5 million, TRL 7;
  • Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to critical infrastructure in Europe – Proposals should cover: forecast, assessment of physical and cyber risks, prevention, detection, response, and in case of failure, mitigation of consequences (including novel installation designs), and fast recovery after incidents, over the life span of the infrastructure, with a view to achieving the security and resilience of all functions performed by the installations, and of neighbouring populations and the environment.
    • Planned opening date:   12 March 2020. Deadline: 27 August 2020;
    • EU grant between EUR 7 to 8 million, TRL 7.
  • Cybersecurity in the Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES): an armour against cyber and privacy attacks and data breaches
    • Planned opening date:   12 March 2020 Deadline: 27 August 2020;
    • EU grant between EUR 6 and 8 million, TRL 7.
  • Advanced drilling and well completion techniques for cost reduction in geothermal energy -Proposals will address novel non-mechanical drilling technologies required for applications on all types of geological formations and with the ability to reach cost-effectively greater depths and higher temperatures (i.e. beyond 5 km and 250°C) or develop new mechanical-drilling operation technologies making use of digitisation, automation, machine learning, and innovative instrumentation.
    • Planned opening date:   03 December 2019 and Deadline: 21 April 2020;
    • EU grant between EUR 2 to 4 million. TRL 4 – 5.
  • Next-generation of Energy Performance Assessment and Certification -Proposals should involve relevant stakeholders (including national and regional certification bodies) to take on board the lessons learnt and the innovative approaches demonstrated in the previous projects as well as any developments on the use of EPCs that have taken place in the Member States, in order to further stimulate and enable the roll-out of next-generation of energy performance assessment and certification.
    • Planned opening date:   05 March 2020 Deadline:  10 September 2020;
    • EU grant between EUR 1 and 2 million.


Participation Cost

€ 150 Early Registration- for registration before end of 2019 year*;

          € 250 In Time Registration – for registration after 2019 year;

*free of charge for European Officer.

*20% DISCOUNT FOR SIL BARCELONA 2019, ISAF IT 2019 Istanbul, INGAS 2019 Istanbul and GoTECH 2019 Bucharest exhibitors.

Date & Time & Location

February 07, 2020 between 10:00h and 18:00h in Bucharest city, ROMANIA.

30 min for each scheduling b2b meeting.

2 days before the event you will receive your meeting schedule.


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€nergIT 2020 is organized by HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING SRL.