Between 17 – 29 June 2020, HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING SRL will organize an international economic mission for the field of general medicine and dentistry in Casablanca, Morocco due to a media partnership with the organizer of the most important two medical exhibitions in Morocco, AFRICA DE NORD.

MOROCCO DENTAL EXPO: The third edition of the Dental Expo is the most important exhibition of the dental industry in Morocco and Africa. A fair with over 250 exhibitors presents the latest trends and technologies related to dentistry, dental technology and equipment. Why to visit the DENTAL Exhibition EXPO “The largest dental exhibition in Africa”, will allow you to meet at the same time dentists, manufacturers and distributors.

Why to visit DENTAL EXPO

“The largest dental exhibition in Africa” will allow you to meet at the same time dentists, manufacturers and distributors.

Medical Expo 2020 – International Health Fair in Morocco The Office of Fairs and Exhibitions in Casablanca organizes in partnership with Atelier vita, the 21st edition of the International Health Fair MEDICAL EXPO 2020, and this one, between June 25 and 28, 2020, at the International Fair of Casablanca-OFEC-MEDICAL EXPO is the largest African event that brings together all health professionals not only nationally, but also internationally. The number of visits received from 7265 professionals attested by Moody International regarding the 2019 edition shows that the Show has become the largest internationally recognized African platform in the health sector.

MEDICAL EXPO 2020 consolidates the momentum created since 2010 to improve the organization of this exhibition, positioning it as a vector for promoting the health sector at the national, continental and international levels.

The 5th edition of the Africa Global Health Forum FAGS , is the ideal space of exchanges and meetings allowing to attend various conferences and thematic panels related to the sector of the Health, taken private and public sector experts at the national and international levels.



The mission in Morocco will be an economic one dedicated to the doctors who want to get in touch with other professionals in the medical scientific field through a non-reimbursable financing program that will cover the travel expenses for romanian private medical office.

For more information and registration for international economic mission in Casablanca, MOROCCO, send message through the contact form (click here).