Digital Transformation Expo 2021

The Challenges

In this summit, we want to cover some of the biggest challenges still facing IT leaders:

  • Re-building the digital transformation plan after an intense period of acceleration
  • Staying on track (and in control of cost and usage) for your cloud migration
  • Embedding security and secure behaviours into day to day operations
  • Minimising the risks of network downtime and preparing for innovation
  • Making faster, smarter and safer decisions with the data at hand

A problem shared is a problem halved. Join the upcoming conversations as your diary fits, ask the hard questions and let us help you find the next answer.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand what obstacles still stand to block your digital vision and how to overcome them;
  • Find out how to create lasting resilience for the next workplace disruption in both your systems and staff;
  • Gain tips on how to balance costs, meet business demands for stability and ensure space to innovate;
  • Discover ways to stay on track with your goals when the plans inevitably change;
  • Hear about how you can maintain employee engagement, commitment and productivity for the next digital iteration.

For more info please visit Digital Transformation Expo 2021 official website here.