Developing a real-world Google Glass App

AMA, a French application company with U.S. offices in Boston, is expanding the real world use cases of Google Glass with its XpertEye solution.

We were selected by the Glass at Work program by Google as one of the 10 companies that are allowed to develop apps for Google Glass, and also distribute them as hardware. We’re really proud of that,” said AMA Managing Director Anne Fleur Andrle. AMA demonstrated its solution, which connects Google Glass users to Skype like messaging systems and allows the person on the other end of a video call to see exactly what the Google Glass user sees through his or her device.

The user can adjust the video call’s volume and zoom in on the Google Glass user’s view. Andre said AMA sees huge potential for its solution in the medical field, in situations ranging from telemedicine and surgery to the ER. AMA’s Experty P1 Eye device has also been tested in heavy duty industrial conditions.

If you would like to find out more, and see the application is use, AMA will be exhibiting at the IoT Tech Expo in Berlin on the 13-14th June. Find them at stand 41!

Source: IoT Tech Expo Europe – (HAPTIC Media Partner)