Dental simulator using a haptic device

A new patented technology named VirTeaSy Dental simulator developed by HRV company, provides a simulation solution with very high fidelity and reliability. It is a complete integrated training solution that allows students to improve their skills faster and the teachers to follow students’ assessments with efficiency.

simulator stomatologic

The use of the best haptic device with accurate force feedback gives a genuine sense of touch and provides a very flexible navigation software with the ability to setup user’s environment.

Students practice in virtual reality on all types of jaws and dentition, with the widest range of combinations, predefined or scheduled by the teacher to carry out the exercise or practice. For implantology a dental planning surgery is available with the use of real scans. New clinical cases might be added on the platform.

Sense of touch and sight are well combined giving virtual surgery a good realism reducing medical errors and increase patient safety. Use of 3D brings an excellent immersive environment for surgery.

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