Muscle Activating Wearables

A new sport suit arisen to horizon to help people to lose weight and more than that is coming to be an improvement for atlethes getting best competition results.

This German high-tech know-how named Antelope suit consist of special compression fabrics with integrated electrodes and wiring thus it feels just like your usual sports clothing. The electrical impulses are triggered by the electronic unit called ANTELOPE BOOSTER. The system can be comfortably steered with your smartphone or tablet through the ANTELOPE APP.

A training with ANTELOPE is highly effective. For example, in 4 weeks you can increase: performance up to 30%, jumping ability up to 20%, muscle volume up to 10%. Back pain is reduced in 90% of all cases.

Antelope sport suit

how it works

All ANTELOPE products are made of  multi-directional stretching compression fabrics, which insure that the integrated electrodes are constantly placed on the skin in the right position. These newest generation electrodes, which do not need any external electrolytes, are connected with special conductive cables on the inner side. The ANTELOPE BOOSTER activates the muscle contraction and is controlled by an app via Bluetooth. The app is the adjustment  and evaluation tool. It contains specially developed programs and settings (frequency, intensity levels, trainings length, speed, intervals, etc). Training data is saved and can easily be accessed.

The primary feature of the BOOSTER is the number of muscle groups it can activate. To activate one muscle group (e.g. both biceps or both upper leg muscles) a pair of electrodes with positive and negative poles is required so that the current can flow out from one electrode, enter into the body and then leave at other electrode to complete the path. A device that activates only one muscle group is called 1-Channel device. The higher the number of the muscle groups that need to be activated the higher the number of channels the device needs to have.