Chief Nursing Officer Summit 2019

Healthcare is one of the most important and rapidly growing sectors during this economic climate. With the move to value-based care models and a more consumer-driven healthcare environment, this vital industry must respond swiftly and strategically to the scarcity of resources, generational shifts in the labor force, and technological advancements. The Chief Nursing Officer will be instrumental in the execution of necessary changes while focusing on achieving the goal of The Triple Aim.

Strategies being debated include: Creating an environment that attracts talent and aggressively screening labor from alternative markets, as well as, developing curriculum and tools to enhance the skills of healthcare professionals where emerging technologies are being employed. These issues enhance quality patient care which is the key responsibility driving a CNO’s success.

As a respected and valued member of senior management, the CNO must be skilled in communications while building and strengthening bridges between clinicians and management. The Chief Nursing Officer Summit will feature high-level strategy sessions discussing issues to effectively address the complications associated with hospital expansions, finding avenues for increased cooperation, building useful partnerships with educational institutions, extending shared governance and decreasing nursing documentation time.

Potential Topics

  • Determining the Optimal Nurse – Doctor Relationship to Make Your Staff Effective

  • Challenges of Chief Nursing Executives in Small & Rural Hospitals

  • Population Health

  • Bringing Family Engagement into the Patient Experience Formula

  • Optimizing Nurse Resiliency

  • Tackling Population Health & What it Means for Today’s CNO

  • Dynamics of a Multi-Generational Nursing Staff

  • Understanding the Numbers: Making a Budget Work

    Who Should Attend

    • Chief Patient Engagement Officer
    • Chief Nursing Informatics Officer
    • Chief Nursing Information Officer
    • Chief Nursing Officer
    • Chief Nurse Executive
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Senior Nurse Leader
    • Patient Experience Officer
    • EVPs, SVPs, VPs & Directors of:
      Patient Care
      Patient Services
      Clinical Operations
      Nurse Services
      Human Resources
      Nursing Administration
      Patient Engagement
      Patient Experience

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