Business on the Moon is coming soon

An international team of scientists led by the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, has identified a problem with the growing interest in extractable resources on the moon: there aren’t enough of them to go around. With no international policies or agreements to decide “who gets what from where,” scientists believe tensions, overcrowding, and Read more about Business on the Moon is coming soon[…]

EU must accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure to promote breakthrough in electro-mobility

The EU is still a long way from reaching its Green Deal target of 1 million charging points by 2025, and it lacks an overall strategic roadmap for electro-mobility, according to a new report by the European Court of Auditors (ECA). Despite successes such as in promoting a common EU plug standard for charging electric Read more about EU must accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure to promote breakthrough in electro-mobility[…]

How the observers take advice

New research from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business shows first evidence that watching and learning from others can help reduce bias and improve decision-making. The research, published in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, used a computer game designed to decrease bias to see if people who watched others play the game could Read more about How the observers take advice[…]

Business Marketplace Success

Five-star ratings are no guarantee to lead you to the perfect barber who truly understands your hair or to the espresso machine that brews a perfect cup of coffee. That’s because most products online are now rated positively, making it harder than ever to truly discern whether they will succeed in the marketplace. A new Read more about Business Marketplace Success[…]

What business leaders understood during pandemic crisis

Most businesses were ill-prepared to deal with the pandemic and muddled though the challenges stemming from it, according to a report published today. Resilience reimagined: a practical guide for organisations was produced by Cranfield University, in partnership with the National Preparedness Commission (NPC) and Deloitte. The report presents insights from business leaders from a range of sectors and Read more about What business leaders understood during pandemic crisis[…]

What is your level regarding education job satisfaction

Education is considered one of the most critical personal capital investments. But formal educational attainment doesn’t necessarily pay off in job satisfaction, according to new research from the University of Notre Dame. In fact, there is almost no relationship between the two, according to “Does Educational Attainment Promote Job Satisfaction? The Bittersweet Trade-offs Between Job Read more about What is your level regarding education job satisfaction[…]

Why you see displayed ads when you browse other websites

Online marketers have seen the pattern: 95%-98% of online visitors search for something, but the search never converts into a purchase and they leave the site without buying. For marketers, this results in speculation and assumptions that can lead to wasted time and investments in ineffective marketing programs. One of the more common ways online Read more about Why you see displayed ads when you browse other websites[…]

Feedback impact interactions among employees

Competitive behavior among employees may be triggered by the type of feedback they have received. These are the findings of a study conducted by the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and the IESE Business School in Barcelona. The results have been published in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making. Feedback is regarded as a crucial Read more about Feedback impact interactions among employees[…]

Personality and Work Performance

SMU Office of Research & Tech Transfer – Selecting the right person for a job can be tricky. A potential candidate may present well initially, but it’s hard to predict how they will perform once they are operating within an organisation. Talent recruitment becomes expensive if you get it wrong. A popular assessment method used Read more about Personality and Work Performance[…]

Significant financial benefits of innovation for companies

A large-scale study of the link between innovation and financial performance in Australian companies has found more innovative companies post higher future profits and stock returns. The findings highlight the significant financial benefits of innovation for companies, which in turn supports job creation and economic growth. The study, conducted by Dr Anna Bedford, Dr Le Read more about Significant financial benefits of innovation for companies[…]

Human Resources Evaluation

HAPTIC R&D CONSULTING SRL evaluates the professional competencies of the employees and offers a senior management business-tech audit. Potential evaluation Identifying high-performing professionals Identifying development areas that can create a negative impact on professional performance We evaluate evaluators as well as administer trainers.Se încarcă…

How value of management is appreciated

Leaders tend to be loved more than managers, reflecting an implicit societal bias that may be tempered by thinking critically about it, new Cornell University-led research suggests. Romanticization of leadership over time has put decision-makers at risk of overvaluing prototypical leaders – who are seen as inspiring and motivating – even in situations calling for Read more about How value of management is appreciated[…]