Call for proposals under the European Urban Initiative

To further reinforce and strengthen sustainable urban development in EU cities, the Commission today is launching a third call for proposals worth €90 million under the European Urban Initiative (EUI). Projects selected under this call will test innovative solutions in cities to help them to deliver on the green and digital transitions.

Projects must focus on one of the following two priorities:

  • Energy transition: to experiment with and explore tangible innovative solutions that would ensure affordable, secure, and cleaner local energy systems.
  • Technology in cities: to explore emerging technologies and digital solutions to improve public services, urban governance, quality of life, citizens’ engagement, and ensure that our cities are safer, more secure, and accessible to all.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) will co-finance 80% of project costs, with each project receiving up to €5 million. Part of this funding will support the transfer of knowledge and adaptation of these tested solutions to other EU cities to ensure that local projects have a wider societal and economic impact in Europe. The remaining 20% will be covered by local authorities and project partners.

Interested representatives from EU cities are invited to consult the EUI webpage for details on the application process. The deadline to submit proposals is 14 October 2024.


The European Urban Initiative (EUI) is a key instrument part of Cohesion Policy for the 2021–2027 programming period, to reinforce and strengthen sustainable urban development across the EU. It shows the specific role that EU cities of all sizes have in ensuring economic, social, and territorial cohesion across the EU, a key aim of Cohesion Policy. During this period, €24 billion from the ERDF will support EU cities in delivering on their sustainable development strategies, with projects covering competitiveness, cities’ greening, social inclusion, culture, and demography.

EUI allows cities to test innovative solutions that tackle unique urban challenges that they are facing, based on calls and themes defined by the Commission. These solutions should be transferable and replicable in other EU cities. Two calls have already taken place: a call in October 2022 to support the New European Bauhaus and a call in May 2023 focused on the themes greening cities, sustainable tourism, and harnessing talent in shrinking cities.

The EUI builds on the Urban Innovative Actions, the Commission’s initiative launched during the 2014-2020 programming period, but has a stronger focus on urban innovation, sustainability, and replicability in other cities. Beyond innovation, it supports all urban areas by informing policymaking and sharing knowledge on sustainable urban development via the Urban Agenda for the EU.

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