Automating the IP filing process and delivering up to six times efficiency gains

LONDON. IP technology leader CPA Global® announces the launch of File – empowering corporations and law firms to collaborate more efficiently and securely with their global agent network throughout the foreign filing process.

CPA Global File is the latest app in The IP Platform, following customer research which revealed IP professionals felt the international filing process and interactions with their global law firm networks could benefit from enhanced technology. File provides a single system for tracking and managing international IP filings, with the first release focussing on PCT National Phase Entry. After a simple agent registration process, File tracks all transactional information for foreign filings across an organisation’s global agent network. Throughout the filing process, relevant notifications are automatically sent to foreign agents based on pre-defined user preferences and settings.

File dramatically improves the way customers and foreign agents communicate across the globe. Its automated workflow removes the uncertainty and time commitment previously required to file foreign IP applications. With standardised documents, requirements and processes, regardless of which country a business is filing in, the filing process is reduced to just a few clicks.

“There has never been a software application that can enable world-wide filing collaboration within one technology environment” says Simon Webster, CEO of CPA Global “Our File App delivers productivity across the entire application process. File’s increased visibility and accuracy is incomparable to any other technology on the market”.

FILE fundamentally changes the way IP is filed through:

  • Automated and standardised filing processes that save time.
  • Real time status updates offering detailed progress tracking.
  • Reporting at your fingertips via dashboards.
  • Decreased submission time with multi-country filing instructions and rapid, single-click queries to global agent networks.

For more information on File, please visit here.

About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company, trusted by many of the world’s respected corporations and law firms. Our integrated offering is underpinned by an outstanding global team of 2000 people. Now we offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated Innovation and IP Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas.

Source: CPA Global