Artificial Lift Summit 2021

The Artificial Lift Summit brings E&P Innovators, Service Providers and Independent Operators together to exchange ideas to advance technical knowledge in artificial lift applications for unconventional shale developments.
Explore Innovative Solutions and Latest Technologies That Support Artificial Lift.
Key Topics 2021:
  1. Artificial lift system using AI, ML, IoT and Automation and its impact and performance.
  2. An economic roadmap for E&P’s to assess every artificial lift operation and identify leaps for achieving specific business objective.
  3. Artificial Lift Methods to increase oil production with reducing operational cost from depleting oil wells.
  4. Leveraging digitalization, reduce unplanned downtime and optimize maintenance processes through real time application.
  5. Opportunities and challenges in increasing artificial lift pump efficiencies.
  6. Best practices and case studies of artificial lift methods and technology alignment.

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