Analyst Companies publish Survey about Big Data and Information Security

KuppingerCole Ltd., an international and independent analyst organization with a strong focus on Information Security, Identity and Access Management as well as all areas concerning the Digital Transformation, together with BARC, a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm specializing in areas including Data Management and Business Intelligence – have conducted a joint survey on Big Data and Information Security.

The survey was focused on security-related aspects of Big Data analytics in cybersecurity and fraud detection and explains how Big Data Technology can help in increasing Cyber Attack Resilience by better detection of attacks, enabling real-time response.

BARC’s and KuppingerCole’s Big Data in Information Security study “Big Data and Information Security” follows on from three BARC surveys in recent years: “Big Data Use Cases”, “Big Data Analytics”, and “Big Data Survey Europe”. While the previous surveys focused on big data analytics in general, this study concentrates on security use cases of big data analytics in information security and fraud detection.

The study delivers insights into the level of awareness and current approaches in information security and fraud detection in organizations around the world. It measures importance, status quo and future plans of Big Data security analytics initiatives across different sectors. Furthermore, it presents an overview of various opportunities, benefits as well as challenges relating to those initiatives, and outlines the range of technologies currently available to address those challenges. The two companies surveyed over 330 participants from over 50 countries across all industries. Among the highlights of the study are the following results:

  • Big Data has been recognized by 55% of the respondents as the single most important IT trend;
  • IT security was named with 53% as the close second most important IT trend;
  • Only 13% would consider themselves best-in-class in the field of Big Data security analytics compared to their main market competitors;
  • Nearly 90% of the “best-in-class” participants believe that security analytics can bring substantial profits for their companies;
  • Best in class companies are deploying a broad range of security tools not just for threat detection, but for identity and access governance (85%);
  • 98% of the best-in-class respondents consider automation a very important aspect of security analytics solutions.

This is the first edition of the study, which ran in Q2 2016 with preliminary results presented at KuppingerCole’s annual European Identity & Cloud Conference in May 2016.

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