AgriCALL 2020 – B2B Match Meeting for Agriculture Industry

AgriCALL 2020 an international brokerage event targeted at all stakeholders interested in the Agriculture field to create new business opportunities and/or consortium to apply for European funding calls.

The European calls encourage SME’s companies to create a synergy business through new R&D projects where at least 3 SME’s companies from 3 different countries to submit their project in consortium to receive funding.

Participants at AGRICALL 2020 are invited to join the bilateral pre-arranged meetings and present their interests in certain topics, their expertise on specific matters and/or their project ideas to possible research partners. The brokerage event will be 1 day meeting in Bucharest, Romania.

Who can participate

Universities research laboratories, innovative companies, research centres, researchers and public bodies interested in doing business or to apply for Horizon 2020 calls in agriculture technology field.

B2B Goals

  • Business cooperation between interested parties.
  • International Cooperation to create consortium for new projects to be submited for EU funding.

Agriculture Call Proposals

  • Biodiversity in action: across farmland and the value chain  – Activities will tackle biodiversity from various angles ranging from its supporting functions in agro-ecosystems (e.g. through activities of plant and soil biota), the integration of diversity into farming practices and incentives for wider biodiversity management including native biodiversity. Proposals will consider various temporal and spatial scales when assessing the dynamics of biodiversity and its relationship with farming systems, the surrounding landscapes and throughout value chains.
    • Planned opening date:   October 15, 2019, 2nd Deadline:   September 08, 2020;
    • EU grant EUR between 6 and 8 million;
  • Healthy soils for healthy food production – Enhance EU-China long-term cooperation in land use optimization for global food and environmental security.
    • Planned opening date:   October 15, 2019, 2nd Deadline:  September 08, 2020;
    • EU grant EUR 5 million;
  • Agri-Aqua Labs – Subtopic A). Understanding the genome of farmed animals, its expression and translation into traits; Subtopic B). Looking behind plant adaptation; Subtopic C). Plant energy biology -Proposals will advance our understanding of the plant energy system in terms of elucidating specific mechanisms as well as the complex processes and interactions that determine overall energy efficiency in plants.

    • Planned opening date:   October 15, 2019, 2nd Deadline: September 08, 2020;
    • EU grant EUR between 5 and 6 million;
  • Emerging challenges for soil management– Subtopic A). Proposals shall cover soil biodiversity analysis, including relevant microbes and invertebrates for soil-mediated ecosystem services. Subtopic B). Proposals shall cover analysis of the use of plastic in agricultural production and its impact on soil. 

    • Planned opening date: October 15, 2019, 2nd Deadline:   September 08, 2020;

    • EU grant EUR 7 million.

  • New and emerging risks to plant health – Proposals will target one or more new or emerging plant pests (the term “pests” includes weeds) and/or diseases (regulated or non-regulated, introduced or native) that are causing, or likely to cause, significant (socio)economic and/or environmental losses to European agriculture and/or forestry.

    • Planned opening date: October 15, 2019, 2nd Deadline:   September 08, 2020;

    • EU grant EUR 7 million.