AGFA offers two core technologies addressing the needs of the Printed Electronics market

ORGACON™ conductive polymer inks offer a printable cost-alternative to ITO for automotive and home appliance human-machine interfaces with capacitive sensing elements. Working demonstrators will be on display at our booth, showing the unique advantages of ORGACON™ inks like flexibility and formability of the printed electrodes

ORGACON™ nanosilver inks feature very high conductivity with a low silver deposition (1 micron DFT), and supports high resolution patterning below 50 microns. Flexibility and formability will be also displayed in working devices.


Peter Willaert, Global Marketing Manager for Printed Electronics at Agfa will share the latest advances for our nanosilver inks during the presentation session on new materials and new possibilities on Thursday 28th. He will discuss how Agfa is addressing the different challenges for nanosilver inks, like adhesion, curing and fitness-for-use in different printing processes like high-resolution screen and digital printing.

Also on display: our DIPAMAT™ products line for the PCB industry with spotlight on inkjet-printable etch-resist for copper, for a more cost-efficient PCB manufacturing process.

AGFA do even more this year at PE Europe by introducing a new high-conductive nanosilver screen printing ink with outstanding adhesion on many substrates including non-treated PET, FR4 and ITO. High-resolution, fast-curing and digital printing will be also highlighted in the respective collaboration with PVF, Adphos and MGI/Ceradrop.

About AGFA

The Agfa Specialty Products business group supplies customers in a variety of industrial markets with a broad range of both classic film products and innovative products.
In this context, it builds on Agfa’s longstanding expertise in chemical film manufacturing, including the production of polymer substrates and special coatings.

Agfa Specialty Products’ activities are covering Classic Films, Functional Foils and Advanced Coatings & Chemicals. In addition, the Agfa-Labs division offers customers services in the field of materials and coating research. For more info, visit


Source: IDTechEx (Haptic – Media Partner)