3rd Annual Automotive Thermal Management Conference

In the era when technologies develop faster day by day, it is essential to stay informed and updated about recent trends and developments in the industry sector. Particularly automotive industry is facing a lot of challenges due to the so-called trade war between the U.S. and China, economic protectionism and pursuit for greater technological safety it is essential for, OEMs, various tiers, component suppliers, solution providers within the automotive sector to have a sober discussion that, at the end of the day, leads to creation of more comprehensive solutions in the fast changing market environment.

One of the possibilities for interested parties is to have a round table, a conference, that brings together various professionals, such as engineering managers, R&D experts, academics, system or material engineers, production experts or specialists in testing, validation and certification specialists, or skilled sales managers. One of such places is created annually by Business Conference Facilitation s.r.o. – event service from the Czech Republic.

Enterprise specializes in various high-level business-to-business conferences that always reflect the changes in the global market. For example, on 21-22 January they organize 3rd Annual Automotive Thermal Management Conference in German capital – Berlin.

For these two days experts from companies like Whirpool Europe, Sherpa Engineering or DENSO Thermal Systems will get together to discuss optimization of cabin energy management and human comfort for XEVs, HEV & thermal management modeling & simulations solutions, thermal systems safety sessions, or control, analysis and integration of thermal systems in automotive industry.

Strong speaker line up in combination with various attendees from European and world companies will create a highly intellectual and business orientated atmosphere.

Great opportunity that can not be missed. Join the movement! Join Business Conference Facilitation in Berlin!