The 2nd International Carbon Marterials Conference

The 2nd  International Carbon Marterials Conference has the whole world in view, has its eyes on policies of China such as “the 13th Five Year Plan” and “One Belt and One Road” and so on, and focuses on the matter of carbon raw materials acquisition, technical matter, and matters concerning equipment and application. A number of experts, scholars, enterprise technicians and managerial staffs have been invited from governmental agencies, scientific research institutions and enterprises, equipment manufacturers and the third-party service agencies of this industry, thus building up a high-quality platform for industrial, academic, research and capital exchange, through which people can discuss the new technologies and new development tendencies of the world’s carbon materials industry as well as the bottlenecks in carbon materials application, and can promote the development of carbon materials in China.

Highlights of the conference are:

  1. More than 1500 domestic and overseas masters discuss the “carbon materials” on site.
  2. More than 80% of regular customers have reserved the seats in the Conference in 2017
  3. The largest domestic carbon material industry event
  4. The combination of multiple participants form and the best choice for different types of enterprises
  5. The first summit forum integrating “five types carbon materials” topics in China

The forums of the conference are:

Section I

Carbon Nanomaterials

Section II

Carbon Fiber and CFRP

Section III

Diamond, Carbon-based thin-film Materials

Section IV

Special Graphite

Section V

Traditional Carbon Materials


  1. Overview of Exhibition

         10000+ exhibition area

         Covering the whole industry chain of advanced carbon materials

         The annual 100 scientific research achievements exhibition area

         New product and technology release


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