The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch” and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning “to contact” or “to touch”.

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Haptic technology will be more remarkable than any breakthrough in the past technology

Haptic technology will change the way we live and interact with technology in the future. As mobile devices to act more like an extension of our body, so that the connected smart devices will act as an extension of our environments, allowing us to control the world around us in a unimaginable way.

Design and manufacture faster, more power efficient chips

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced a comprehensive foundry process technology roadmap to help customers design and manufacture faster, more power efficient chips. From hyper-scale ...
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Attitudes towards the impact of digitisation and automation on daily life

The European Commission has published a Eurobarometer survey presenting European citizens' opinions on the impact of digitisation and automation on daily life. European citizens see digitisation and automation primarily as ...
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Nanodiamonds as energy materials: tuning the functionalities

An international team has shed light onto interactions between nanodiamonds and water molecules. Experiments at synchrotron sources showed how hydrogenated groups on nanodiamond surfaces change the network of hydrogen bonds ...
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Specific Challenge: The prize aim at spurring the development of engine and powertrain technologies using conventional fuels to reduce emissions of pollutants in real driving conditions to the lowest level ...
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3D image of the space around the Wi-Fi transmitter

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a holographic imaging process that depicts the radiation of a Wi-Fi transmitter to generate three-dimensional images of the surrounding environment ...
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FinTech Connect Live

Combining the hustle and bustle of an exhibition featuring over 3000 visitors, and 200 exhibitors and partners from over 50 countries, FinTech Connect Live is the UK’s largest fintech event ...
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Voting is open for the European Inventor Award 2017 Popular Prize

Members of the public are invited to cast their vote for their favourite inventor from among the 15 finalists. The winner will be announced when the European Patent Office (EPO) ...
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The Impact of Robots on Productivity, Employment and Jobs

This paper provides the IFR’s opinion on the impact of automation - specifically of robots - on productivity, competitiveness and employment. IFR is not a policy institute. However, this report ...
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France outperforms Britain as robots transform car industry

The number of robots installed by the French car industry rose 22 percent to 1,400 units – compared with 700 units in the UK (+ 7 percent). The automotive sector ...
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The 2nd International Carbon Marterials Conference

The 2nd International Carbon Marterials Conference has the whole world in view, has its eyes on policies of China such as “the 13th Five Year Plan” and “One Belt and ...
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World’s First Thin-Silicon Implantable Chip for High-Precision Haptic Prosthetics

Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technology, announced today its success in fabricating a prototype implantable chip that aims to give patients more intuitive control ...
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State aid: Commission simplifies rules for public investment in ports and airports, culture and the outermost regions

The European Commission has approved today new state aid rules that exempt certain public support measures for ports, airports, culture and the outermost regions from prior Commission scrutiny. The objective ...
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