The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch” and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning “to contact” or “to touch”.

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Haptic technology will be more remarkable than any breakthrough in the past technology

Haptic technology will change the way we live and interact with technology in the future. As mobile devices to act more like an extension of our body, so that the connected smart devices will act as an extension of our environments, allowing us to control the world around us in a unimaginable way.

Global Chemistry 2017

Global Chemistry 2017 Conference website is attracting 25000+ Chemists and Experts, online visitors ranging from Researchers, Academicians and Business professionals, who are working in this field. This unique opportunity that ...
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Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing

Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing will reveal the latest advances and newest roadmaps in this radically changing industry. We balance the presentations from the giants with new faces revealing important ...
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New satellite constellation to provide high-speed, low-latency, ultra-secure, global network for mobility market expanding coverage & moving to 5G

LeoSat BV, which is launching a constellation of up to 108 low-earth-orbit data communications satellites, has signed a Joint Statement with the European Space Agency (ESA) and 15 satellite industry ...
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Highly Portable Satellite Tracking Imaging Ground Station

Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB) announced the GATR TRAC®, the industry’s most portable 2.4-meter satellite tracking imaging ground station, from its subsidiary GATR Technologies (GATR), which operates within the Cubic Mission ...
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Small business innovation research for Transport and Smart Cities Mobility

Specific Challenge: The European transport sector must have the capacity to deliver the best products and services, in a time and cost efficient manner, in order to preserve its leadership ...
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Investments in EU Transport: Commission proposes €2.7 billion for 152 projects

The European Commission is proposing to invest €2.7 billion in 152 key transport projects that support competitive, clean and connected mobility in Europe. In doing so, the Commission is firmly ...
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3-D printed graphene foam

Nanotechnologists from Rice University and China’s Tianjin University have used 3-D laser printing to fabricate centimeter-sized objects of atomically thin graphene. The research could yield industrially useful quantities of bulk ...
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Romania implements SME Initiative: EUR 540 million available for SMEs

Five Romanian banks have signed up to the SME Initiative in Romania, to provide new financing for Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) across the country. The SME Initiative is managed ...
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A novel ultrafiltration membranes that significantly improve drinking water quality

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have developed novel ultrafiltration membranes that significantly improve the virus-removal process from treated municipal ...
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Solidarity with Italy: €1.2 billion of EU funds to support reconstruction works after the earthquakes

The Commission proposes to mobilise €1.2 billion under the EU Solidarity Fund, the highest sum ever mobilised in a single instalment, following the earthquakes of 2016 and 2017 in the ...
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New System to Help DC Water’s Customers Track and Manage Water Usage

Aclara, a leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to approximately 800 water, gas, and electric utilities worldwide, has been engaged by DC Water to provide a next-generation advanced metering ...
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Four Actions To Build Resilience

As Infrastructure Week 2017 gets underway in the U.S., leading global water technology company Xylem Inc. (NYSE:XYL) has released a white paper outlining strategies to increase the resilience of cities around the ...
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