The word haptic, from the Greek: ἁπτικός (haptikos), means “pertaining to the sense of touch” and comes from the Greek verb ἅπτεσθαι haptesthai, meaning “to contact” or “to touch”.

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Haptic technology will be more remarkable than any breakthrough in the past technology

Haptic technology will change the way we live and interact with technology in the future. As mobile devices to act more like an extension of our body, so that the connected smart devices will act as an extension of our environments, allowing us to control the world around us in a unimaginable way.


An ultra portable set of Macro and Micro mini-lenses for smartphones and tablets

BLIPS is an ultra portable and very affordable set of Macro and Micro mini-lenses for smartphones and tablets. It will transform your personal devices in portable digital microscopes. BLIPS has been developed within the ...
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energy computing

Customised and low energy computing

Specific Challenge: Information and Communication Technologies are becoming a core component of products in all market sectors. The trend towards “Smart Anything Everywhere” must be supported by innovations allowing a very ...
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ASIA 3D printing

Asiamold 10th Anniversary, offers you professional buyers and distributors in Mould and 3D printing industries

Fair Date:             20 – 22 September 2016   Opening Hours:         20 – 21 September      09:30 – 17:00                  22 September          09:30 – 15:00 Admission:          Trade visitor only Location:        China Import and Export Fair ...
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Liquid-crystal SMEs have a different structure than previously expected, as shown by measurements using antimatter particles conducted at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow. On the left is the current model of Sm-E, and on the right is the new model, with a distinct gap between the layers, large enough to be able to accommodate positronium.  (Source: IFJ PAN)

Ciek³e kryszta³y typu SmE maj¹ inn¹ budowê ni¿ dotychczas zak³adano, wykaza³y pomiary z u¿yciem cz¹stek antymaterialnych, przeprowadzone w Instytucie Fizyki J¹drowej PAN w Krakowie. Po lewej dotychczasowy model budowy smektyków SmE, po prawej nowy model, z wyraŸn¹ szczelin¹ miêdzy warstwami, dostatecznie du¿¹, by móg³ siê w niej ulokowaæ pozyt (egzotyczny atom zbudowany z elektronu i pozytonu). (ród³o: IFJ PAN)

Antimatter helps to unveil the secrets of liquid crystals

The chaos typical of liquid molecules, and the ordering characteristics of crystals. There are states of matter connecting such contradictory features: liquid crystals. Thanks to an innovative application of antimatter, ...
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Ericsson IoT Accelerator enables industries to put data to work

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) announced the IoT Accelerator. IoT Accelerator combines horizontal, feature-rich IoT platforms with Ericsson's services and a marketplace where customers from sectors such as public safety, utilities, transport ...
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The EIB board backed more than EUR 2 billion of new support to strengthen investment by small business across Europe

The Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank today approved EUR 5.3 billion of new loans to support small business lending and finance new investment in schools, corporate research ...
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quantum dots

Crystalplex announces development of cadmium-free alloy gradient Sapphire™ quantum dots for optoelectronics uses

Crystalplex Corp., a pioneer in the development of high stability quantum dots, has announced a new development enabling increased brightness and color stability for LCD displays using cadmium-free Sapphire™ quantum ...
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New study shows how shift work affects cognitive functions

A new study from Uppsala University shows that compared to non-shift workers, shift workers needed more time to complete a test that is frequently used by physicians to screen for ...
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Equality woman man concept

EU announces €19 million new support for women and girls’ empowerment at ”Women Deliver” Conference

Today, the EU has reconfirmed its support to women and girls' empowerment by announcing €19 million support to gender-driven international projects. EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, made ...
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New bioglass technology ‘could make it possible to regrow cartilage’

UK researchers are working on new bioglass technology that could represent an important step forward in the treatment of cartilage damage. Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Milano-Bicocca ...
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nano manufacturing

In-line measurement and control for micro-/nano-enabled high-volume manufacturing for enhanced reliability

Specific Challenge: Rapid developments in micro-/nano-technologies require complex business models that respond to volatile markets in demand for faster product delivery with an unprecedented yield and quality. High-volume manufacturing is not ...
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NanoMech receives $10 Million investment from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

NanoMech announced today that it has secured $10 million for leading its Series C Financing round from Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate venturing subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s national ...
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